10 Bloggers To Pay Attention To

Here are 10 fabulous ladies doing amazing things. If you aren't following, get to it...


Danielle Bernstein
    Focus: Street Style
    Why We Love Her: Creator of WeWoreWhat, Danielle is real, relate-able and stays true to her own personal style. The “outfits” section of her blog is a must read for daily inspiration and we appreciate that Danielle promotes apparel lines in a vast array of price points.
    Visit the blog: We Wore What

Helena Bordon
    Focus: Fashion
    Why We Love Her: Daughter of Brazilian Vogue’s Style Director, glamour runs through Helena’s veins but you’ll often find her dressed in a perfect white tee and figure flattering jeans. Helena’s blog offers fashion advice, beauty secrets and sneak peeks into her travel schedule.
    Visit the blog: Helena Bordon

Eva Chen
    Focus: Fashion + Lifestyle
    Why We Love Her: Former Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine and dubbed “the next Anna Wintour,” Eva is currently the director of fashion partnerships for Instagram. Eva’s style is impeccable, mixing whimsical and tailored pieces for an always eclectic, laid back look.
    Visit the blog: @EvaChen212

Kimberly Drew
    Focus: Art
    Why We Love Her: At 26 years old, Kimberly is the social media manager for the MET and creator of the blog, Black Contemporary Art. Kimberly’s personal style remains chic, fresh and unique. You’ll find her on Instagram in flirty onesies, velvet, vintage-inspired pieces and smart graphic tees.
    Visit the blog: Museum Mammy

Pari Ehsan
    Focus: Art + Fashion
    Why We Love Her: Pari has done something no one has done before. Her blog pairs fashion with art. Former architect turned Fashion Instagrammer of the Year, Pari inspires mixing prints and textures and taking risks in one’s personal wardrobe. Proving fashion is art.
    Visit the blog: Pari Dust

Chiara Ferragni
    Focus: Lifestyle
    Why We Love Her: Italian-born style blogger, writer, designer, model and former law student, Chiara has her finger on the pulse. Browse her blog for fashion tips and trends, beauty tricks, lunch break hot spots and Chiara’s favorite places to stay.
    Visit the blog: The Blonde Salad

Candice Lake
    Focus: Fashion
    Why We Love Her: As a London-based, model turned photographer and blogger, Candice is, simply put: #goals. In front or behind the camera, Candice is always on point. Check out Candice’s Instagram to see her favorite fashion looks, newest projects, and adorable babies.
    Visit the blog: Candice Lake

Susanna Lau
    Focus: Fashion
    Why We Love Her: Not only does Susanna have ridiculously amazing style, but she is really funny. She has that 90s cool girl vibe that makes you wish you could be her best friend. As one of the most influential style bloggers, Susie has access to the best shows in the best cities and gives her honest opinion in regard to designer collections.
    Visit the blog: Style Bubble

Jessica Stein
    Focus: Travel + Style
    Why We Love Her: A quintessential “It Girl” by nature, Jessica’s blog inspires a little wanderlust in all of us. Jessica is a stunning, long legged Aussie with a fun, free-spirited sense of style, but what keeps us coming back for more is her ability to connect to the reader through her writing.
    Visit the blog: Tuula

Sarah Vickers
    Focus: Fashion
    Why We Love Her: Sarah serves up Duchess of Cambridge realness with her style: lady-like prep with a fun, modern twist. She built her blog and clothing line from the ground up and is still extremely hands on. Visit her website for perfectly accessorized outfits and a look into Sarah’s New England life.
    Visit the blog: Classy Girls Wear Pearls