Kyma Sandals

The traditional Greek sandal found in the alleys of the islands, is a timeless product linked to Greece's identity. The main idea for KYMA, is preserving this historic concept in a version of higher quality and elegance.
Each style of KYMA is named after a Greek island reflecting the aesthetic and feel you get from each one. KYMA pays tribute to the Greek seas with its distinctive blue sole and its name which in Greek means wave.
 All sandals are handmade in Greece by expert craftsmen using a range of fine genuine leather. The top is made from natural vegetable-tanned vachetta leather. This type of leather is untreated and darkens with age and sunlight creating a patina. These subtle variations in shading and texture over time add  to the sandals unique identity and beauty. 
The sole is comprised of three layers of special sole leather and a thin rubber heel that ensures stability. Sole leather is a harder material that is ideal for soles due to its long lasting durability while at the same time it is able to provide comfort to the foot.
KYMA sandals boast the use of an amazing array of vachetta leathers as well as sole leathers. The combination of multiple color selections not only on the top of the sandals but on the sole that comes into contact with the foot is unique, distinctive and certainly adds to the luxurious and premium build.