Scented Candle 250g

Scented Candle 250g

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Costes Scented Candles fill your home with a beautifully opulent scent. Created by a cult perfumer, Olivia Giacobetti, the candles are utterly delectable, unconditionally seductive and completely addictive. The packaging is understated and elegant and the scents transport you to a place of gilt and brocade where every whim is fulfilled.

Depending on where your candle is sitting it has a burn time of 45-55 hrs.


BROWN - The ultimate, seductive candle. Rich, luxurious, mysterious. Experience the uber-chic atmosphere of Hotel Costes right in your own home. Notes: waxed wood, rum, black musk, bitter orange peel, mahogany, paprika.

WHITE - The latest creation from Costes! The "white" candle, designed for Paris' Costes K Hotel, makes a calm retreat of any room. Rami Mekdachi associated himself with Olivia Giacobetti to create a fragrance with scent notes based on ginger, lily and musk. The candle embodies the minimalist spirit of the Costes K. Deliciously clean and sweet.

ORANGE - An incredible interpretation of orange, the Costes Orange candle is rich, opulent, and spicy. Notes of ginger and coffee wrap around the bitter-sweetness of Valencia oranges, but it gets much better-- this orange is gently spiced by cedarwood and clove. We have not encountered an orange quite like this!

PURPLE - Hotel Costes “Avenue” scented candle embodies the famous Restaurant's l'Avenue atmosphere with notes of mango, frangipani, and teakwood.